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Patch 19.11.2022
Patch will be deployed 19.11.2022 Server changes:...
God Shakra04319.11.22 02:43:15
by God Shakra
Patch 14.11.2022
Patch will be deployed 14.11.2022 Server changes:...
God Shakra06212.11.22 12:09:45
by God Shakra
Server information
Real OTS 8.6 RPG OTS with some elements of newer t...
God Shakra05908.11.22 02:00:43
by God Shakra
Patch 19.10.2022
Patch will be deployed 20.10.2022 Server changes:...
God Shakra09919.10.22 20:33:05
by God Shakra
Patch 18.07.2022
Sites Changes: All monsters on site got updated l...
God Shakra023718.07.22 19:24:15
by God Shakra
Patch 17.07.2022
Server Changes: Added missing NPC's from rathleto...
God Shakra019717.07.22 16:30:14
by God Shakra
Patch 15.07.2022
Server Changes: Added world event that randomly s...
God Shakra018815.07.22 04:37:45
by God Shakra
Patch 11.07.2022
Server Changes: Added Rathleton and Roshamuul to ...
God Shakra020312.07.22 14:15:58
by God Shakra
Patch 08.07.2022
Server Changes: Added The Hive(gray beach) on the...
God Shakra020708.07.22 01:10:03
by God Shakra
Patch 21.06.2022
Server Changes: After server restart, new client ...
God Shakra030621.06.22 06:34:43
by God Shakra
Patch 15.06.2022
Patch will be deployed 15.06.2022 Weekend bonus i...
God Shakra019015.06.22 10:05:15
by God Shakra
Patch 07.06.2022
Patch will be deployed 07.06.2022 Server changes:...
God Shakra024406.06.22 23:31:24
by God Shakra
Patch 31.05.2022
Patch will be installed 31.05.2022 Server changes...
God Shakra037831.05.22 05:08:52
by God Shakra
Patch 18.05.2022
Patch will be installed 18.05.2022 Serwer changes...
God Karls033717.05.22 14:07:32
by God Karls
Patch 14.05.2022
Server: Added first version of item market, comma...
God Karls032414.05.22 00:42:19
by God Karls
Patch 10.05.2022
Serwer: Added Edron Hero Fortress Added 3 new mo...
God Shakra030710.05.22 01:50:20
by God Shakra
Patch 09.05.2022
Serwer: Added stamina tile in training monks Ad...
God Shakra030209.05.22 00:36:36
by God Shakra
Server start[ENG]
Official start of server 29 of april at 17:00[NO R...
God Karls033715.04.22 16:51:19
by God Karls
Serwer Information
Serwer oficjalnie ruszy 29 Kwietnia o godzinie 17:...
God Karls031715.04.22 16:14:07
by God Karls