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Patch 21.04.2023
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 21.04.2023
Server changes:
Rebalanced some bosses in endgame and higher tier monsters, according to wiki values.
Repaired values of manacost of summons and convinceable creatures.
Fixed a lot of wrong values of monster defences/attack, a lot of cases change made to lower damage and improve defense.
Fixed problem with mortal combat - if someone died during fight, arena wouldn't reset.
Norseman Addon - fixed quest, now you can obtain outfit after you finished the ice island quest.
Haircyles - in some cases players didn't get basic shaman outfit - repaired and players which did quest and didn't get outfit will be fixed in coming days.
Beggar outfit - fixed problem with doors in edron.
What a foolish quest - fixed problem with stalker blood.
Druid outfit - change system how "flower" is generated and harvested.
Hunter outfit - some players couldn't play on piano after learning all music notes.
Fazzrah boss TP - fixed position
Knight addon quest door in banuta is now working properly.

Update 25.04.2023
New client version is available in Downloads section
Should fix problem with weird lags while using otclient.
Updated android version with aswell
21.04.23 23:27:40
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