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Server information
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Server information
Real OTS 8.6 RPG OTS with some elements of newer tibia, map is mostly from Tibia 10.77. We have added monsters and items from newer versions, so you need our 8.6 version or OTClient.
There are a lot of features introduced to make game easier to play and more challenging in some scenarios. Ammunition, weapons and armors were added from newer versions - way of acquiring those is same as real tibia.
No spells were added from new tibia and there is standard 8.6 cooldown system without group cooldowns.
Site have few features that make trading items or characters easier. It also contains description of each monster that is in game, you can see drop rates and some other basic information. Monster data is imported straight from server files, so you see same values as in files.
Almost every monster were adjusted to values from wiki( - so if you see some mistakes with values or you think something doesn’t look good you can always report to admins on discord.
Premium is free, there is VIP system which gives 15% bonus exp, skill and magic level rate and bonus hour of stamina.
Stamina grants 50% more exp, total stamina raised to 43 h for non-VIP and 44 h for VIP players.
Task system like in RL tibia with points and boss-reward system.
A lot of quests are 1:1 as in real tibia, you can use sites like or YouTube to do quest just like in RL.
Exercise weapons which allows players to buy them for gold or in site store, they allow player to skill faster.
World Change events - there are events that randomly change the map like spawning opening some part of maps or spawning monsters (like Mawhawk).
Online training in each temple there is teleport and offline training is available in each city training school.
Global depot and much more that helps players play more efficiently and have fun while enjoying feeling of old 8.6 Tibia with some twists.
Exp rate 2x
Global bank system Yes
Global depot Yes
Loot rate 2x
Magic rate 2x
Max multi-client 6 clients per IP
Skill rate 2x
08.11.22 02:00:43