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Patch 19.10.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 19.10.2022
Patch will be deployed 20.10.2022
Server changes:
Added World Changes mechanic - map and monster spawn - depending on random chance when server start random event will start(which changes map and spawn monsters)
Mawhawk World Change - Mawhawk will spawn in his cave - for now its 80% chance (will be reduced to 35% in 3 weeks) to activate this event.
Monster will spawn every 20 minutes if he is not alive.
More World changes event will come in future - you can suggest those in #suggestions discord channel.

Ammunition - Diamond arrow and Spectral bolt is added. Price for diamond arrow is 200g, spectral bolt will cost 150g.
Diamond arrow will have area damage like in real Tibia, both ammunition types will require 200 level.
Additionally all NPC that in real tibia have new ammunition types, will have them after this update.

Exercise Weapons - mechanic will be added in next update, it will require dummmy to skill with exercise weapon types.
For now there is only default dummy - located in training schools in each city.
In future Expert dummies which add 10% more skill rate will be added.
Exercise weapons are available in NPC and shop - prices will be same as real tibia ones.

Ultimate potions are added to all NPC which have them in RL Map.

PoI bosses have been checked, loot, damage and resistances has been changed to values from wiki.

Unrealized dreams is reworked - chances of drops are adjusted to be same as on wiki

Boss tracker mechanic has been added - this change will not change your play style, but helps with eliminating scenarios where there can be more than 1 boss alive with the same name.
Sites Changes:
Change Name is now available in shop.
All monsters on site got updated loot and stats
Added images of exercise weapons and new section in shop for training weapons.
19.10.22 20:33:05
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