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Patch 20.01.2023
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 20.01.2023
Added option to sell enchanted items to djins (elemental charged items)
Added lasting exercise wands to all shops
Added items to black bert NPC- only available if you did quest
Added zaogun flag to Tommy
Added energy bless potion - gives 5 blessings after use.
Improved starting items for each class.
Stamina changes:
Lowered time to regain 1 premium stamina for non vip players from 450 seconds to 420 seconds.
Regaining stamina in training monks is now same as being offline.
More info will be available in server information soon.
Changed exp system and skill/magic rate:
Skill ratio increased to 4 and magic rate to 3.
Exp stage introduction to allow new players level faster.
From 1 to 49 x8
From 50 to 99 x5
From 100 to 199 x4
From 200 to 349 x3
From 350 to infinite x2
Changed vip system:
All bonuses from 15% more exp, skill rate and magic rate to 20% more.
More info how all exp bonuses work will be available on site in next days.
In future vip will be able to put x2 more items in normal(25/50 for vip) and premium auction house(5/10 for vip).

Implemented Item Auctions with use of premium points:
Players can auction items with use of premium points
Max 5 items per player listed for characters
Cannot buy items from your own account

Changes on site:
Introduced item market for premium points.
Changed descriptions of auction house and capitalized each item name.
In future will introduce short video how to use market.
Added energy bless potion to sms shop.

Map fixes:
Goroma lava pools had wrong textures in some places.
Missing floor in Zao
Fixed missing/wrong tiles all over world.

Bug fixes:
Wrath of the emperor quest made with new scripts, all bugs were eliminated(8).
All over the world quest fixed and checked
Kevin NPC - fixed keywords
Barbarian Quest - wrong order of giving addons by Ajax and Bron
Children of revolution 2 mission, player could activate part of quest when he didn't start second mission.
Children of revolution 4 mission lever didn’t change to left to right
Thieves guild missing script on door and chest.
Oramond to take roots fixed
Added missing item names in Hive.
Added missing item names in Zao.
Azerus had x4 lower hp than he should have.
19.01.23 18:16:03
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