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Patch - 18.03.2024 - 1.0.2
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch - 18.03.2024 - 1.0.2
NPC Interactions:
Partial Message Recognition: Enhanced NPCs Hugo and Scion to recognize messages based on partial content. This functionality is currently active for Hugo and will be extended to Scion and other NPCs.
This makes NPC interactions smoother and more intuitive.

Gameplay Enhancements:
New Wyrm Spawn: Added wyrm spawns on the right side of the depot in Liberty Bay.
Pass-Through Tiles: Implemented the ability for players to pass through certain tiles within protection zones, currently including stone tiles and a few water tiles. The selection of these tiles will be adjusted based on feedback.
Quest Consistency: Fixed two potential issues in the postman quest that could prevent players from progressing.

World Interactions:
Water Interaction Fix: Removed a plank that allowed players to stand on water.

Quest Enhancements:
Unnatural Selection and Green Djinn Quests: Made both suggested spots valid for the Unnatural Selection mission and harmonized the Green Djinn quest progression paths between the Polish and English wikipedia.

Guild and Housing:
Guild-House Depots and Location Fixes: Addressed issues with guild-house depots and corrected missing squares in various locations.

Discord Communication:
Error Reporting: Players are encouraged to report non-essential errors (those that don't prevent gameplay or aren't game-breaking) in the Bug Reports section of Discord.
Direct Messages: Direct messages to the administration should be reserved for issues that prevent game play or if a player is stuck.
FAQ Consultation: Reminded players to consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) channel before asking questions, to reduce redundancy.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed INQ Boss Count Issue: Corrected a bug where defeating two bosses in the Inner Nexus Quest sometimes did not count.
Jack Fate's Responses: Ensured Jack Fate now correctly provides location responses instead of time-related answers.
Oramond Item Actions: Disabled actions on specific Oramond items that caused game crashes.
Bo'ques Storyline Addition: Fixed an issue where Bo'ques did not add the main storyline to the player's quest log if they skipped talking to Melchior.
What a Foolish Quest: Resolved several bugs, including one that prevented sulphur collection with equipment knives and another involving quest contract duplications.
Dialogue Additions: Added missing dialogue lines for Zumtah, player guidance for exiting a cave scenario.
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