Commands Informations
Aleta sio This list determines who is able to enter the house. Any player on the guest list can enter the house, and can enter any room in the house, but they cannot open or close any doors. Therefore, if the front door is closed, the player will not be able to get in, even if they are invited (see section on Door Access below). Owners and Sub-Owners can edit the guest list by standing in the house and using the aleta sio spell.
Aleta som Sub-owners of a house have the ability to edit the Guest List and kick other characters out. Owners can edit the list of Sub-Owners by standing in the house and using the aleta som spell. A house may have 10 sub-owners as a maximum.
Aleta grav Door access lists determine which players are able to open and close specific doors. There is a separate door access list for each door in the house, including the front door. Owners can edit the door access list by facing the door, and using the aleta grav spell. These lists work in the same way as the Guest List.
alana sio Character Replace character with the characters name. This will kick a player out of your house, to the front door. Everyone can cast this on themselves, but sub-owners and owners can cast this on other players within their home. This spell can be used from outside of the house and has unlimited range
!buyhouse Command used to buy empty house
!sellhouse Command used to sell house to another player
!leavehouse Command used to leave house
!uptime Command used to check server uptime
!kills Command used to check unjustified kills
!online Command used to check players online
!blesscheck Command used to check blessings
!trainingcheck Command used to check offline training time left
!serverinfo Command used to check server rates
!checkvip Command used to check how much vip time left
!pos Command used to check position on map
!spells Command used to check spells
!exprate Command used to check current exp bonuses
!vials Command to switch off/on getting vials after using potion