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Patch 21.02.2023
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 21.02.2023
Server changes:
Ab'Dendriel, Drefia, Venore and Venore Swamps are update to version 10.77.
Changed training statues to newer look.
Fixed some missing textures on monsters.
Fixed healing with exura sio spell, now it works only in 8x8 range maximum.
Fixed problem with premium market, where players couldn't buy stuff.
Changed rust remover values, they are exactly as listed in wiki. On all 3 tiers, items were checked if they are same as wiki, some items were removed from pool and some were added.

Site changes:
Character auctions - fixed bidding problem and patched security "flaws".
Introduced tracking players bids, if player have 200 points he can bid maximum 200 on all auctions.
Listed characters have quests listed.
Changed look of auctions and added another verification layer.
When player buy character, it should remove that character from "house invite list" - this change is not fully tested yet, will have to check this out soon.

Changes that were introduced in hot fixes
Training monk map change.
Arrow prices reduction.

In coming days there will be second patch that focuses more on some monsters and over all balance.
For example 8.6 monsters should have been on average 3-4 faster than they are right now, because in newer tibia speed value is a lot lower.
Monsters have speed lower, but players have speed from 8.6. So obvious step is to balance slow down players.
When player with level 340 Druid do utani gran hur in 8.6 - he have "God speed" - maximum amount of speed client allows.
According to new formula to gain that kind of speed player, would have need closer to 750 level to get "god speed".
More information on speed breakthroughs on wiki
Soon testing on gnomeville will start - timed events, tasks and all quests included in that area.
21.02.23 01:23:04