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Patch 14.11.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 14.11.2022
Patch will be deployed 14.11.2022
Server changes:
Increased each class regeneration from 6 to 9 mana.
Added !vials command - after using it you will no longer produce vials after using potion. You can change it back by writing !vials again.
Changed points prices in shop, all options have more bonus points compared to previous values.
Underwater arena bosses - created mechanic where players can kill every deepling boss (Obujos, Jaul and Tanjis) once a week.
Each encounter is solo, if you die/leave without killing boss you will have to wait 7 days to try killing it. Players cant enter arena if there is player already in arena, boss will reset HP on starting encounter.
Reworked roshamuul key arena, you cant enter arena when there is already player there, key consumed on using on altar, boss reset HP on player using key(entering arena).
Each boss in list have been changed to reflect values from wiki, those values include hp, skills, resistances and loot:
Deepling bosses: Jaul, Obujos, Tanjis
Roshamuul key arenas: Horadron, Zavarash, Terofar, Prince Drazzak
Bug fixed:
Boost rune xp - sometimes bug occurred, when used rune count didn’t reset at midnight. So players after using could have consumed more runes than they should.
Some houses in Venore had bugged door, they are fixed now.
Dream and bone master now will trade with you, only if you have required rank.
12.11.22 12:09:45
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