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Feb 07 2024 -
Minor patch - 08.02.2023 - 1.0.1
Minor Patch fixes:
Postman quest - reworked from scratch and added more "safe" scripts so players won't bug out during quest.
Map fixes in Oriath, Goroma and missing doors in Carlin.
Fixed few npc's in Oriath - minor dialogue changes and preparing for new quests in island.
Pirate islands NPC's are reworked - access to island will be same as in real tibia.
Exercise training - increased amount of skills gained - formula for each of the gained
Distance weapons - 3.6 * bonusVip * skillLevelRate
Melee weapons - 7.2 * bonusVip * skillLevelRate
Magic level - 500 * bonusVip * magicLevelRate
Distance weapons - 5.4 * bonusVip * skillLevelRate
Melee weapons - 9.2 * bonusVip * skillLevelRate
Magic level - 700 * bonusVip * magicLevelRate
That means 50% more skill rate with bow, 28% more with melee weapons and 40% more with wands/rods
Prices of the exercise weapons will stay the same for now

Dec 20 2023 -
Patch 20.12.2023
Added christmas bonus exp 50% - added new command which tells you which bonuses you have active at the moment !exprate.
Bonuses like vip, weekend, event, boost and stamina calculation is explain in this command.
Everyday till first 1 january will be awarded 1 present for unique players that played at least 2h.
MC or multiple accounts doesnt towards ticket count.
As well there after each server save christmas goblin will spawn somewhere in map - which drops second present.
Increase chance to dig hole in place of tombs in ankrahmun.
Added missing hole to larva cave.
Adjust number of sea serpents in spawn coming from captian Haba.
Also there will be change to task adjusting level of minimum and maximum.
Hot fixes that were deployed since last patch:
Exercise training giving to much stats if used dozen times on same dummy.
You are not longer drowning with helm of the deep.
Added possibility to turn into crate if you finished mission 2 in WOTE, but came back/died while doing mission.
Change WOTE arena to more refined code, so it doesn't bug out if you leave during fight or you enter while server save is coming.
Fishing - added missing fish type to ice fishing.
Soon more changes coming.

Nov 20 2023 -
Patch 20.11.2023
Added quest to Oriath Island - npc Scion will tell you more about mission when you ask him about Oriath.
Oriath Island has been added - it's island mostly for highest level in game, where there will be added dungeon, weekly tasks and some other possibilites for high levels.
City have one of the biggest houses in the game all npc that you will ever need.
Also Oriath Island have 2 djins which you can sell almost all items!
Maximum range for the exercise training has been reducded to max 6 SQM from dummy.
Added Curving pumpking with the knife
Reduced time to spawn world bosses.

Aug 13 2023 -
Patch 14.08.2023
Patch will be deployed 14.08 after restart.
Buffed ratios for exercises weapons.
Changed deepling arena boss from 1 person only to 4 people option with lever mechanic.
Buffed ratios for umbral weapon crafting and fixed problem associated with creating weapons.
Added lottery bag, which will be rewarded in lottery and as event reward.
New raid system:
Raid system is now similar to real tibia, monsters have minimal time to spawn + some variance.
For example if minimal spawn of boss is 14 days and variance is 3 days - minimal time after killing boss is 14 days and he can spawn in day 14,15,16 after killing.
All raids and mini bosses will spawn with new system, there will be some kind of information on site on how long does it take to spawn each boss.
There is total 73 bosses that spawn with new system.
Soon city raids wil be added to list, for now there are only boss raids in this list.
Changed values on ultimate potions:
Supreme health potion - from 900 - 1200 to 850 - 1105
Ultimate mana potion - from 400 - 600 to 400-550
Ultimate spirit potion - health from 400 - 600 to 400 - 550 - mana stays the same.
Boss of the guzzlemaws - Mawhawk had incorrect damage and defense values, becuase wiki had incomplete data. Based on test on real tibia his damage was buffed and missing self heal added.
Monster HP reduced from 55k to 45k and added "ultimate explosion" skill which deals AOE damage after 5 second of cooldown.

Jun 02 2023 -
Patch 02.06.2023
Added option to play in 16:9 on otclient, bigger aspect ratio for android client and recognition of otclient in server files. Possibility of adding additional "modules" to otclient in future.
Fixed bug with distance skill ratio being too high during weekends.
As requested by players a lot of new bags were added to shop, so you can have high capacity bags with distinguishable looks.
Dreadbeast damage was tripled to help with hellgorak boss.
A lot of map fixes in svargond, more to come in next week.
Added missing npc in svargrond