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Patch 19.11.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 19.11.2022
Patch will be deployed 19.11.2022
Server changes:
Demon Oak - reworked whole quest to make it same as in real tibia.
Shiny stone - now you can use pick on shiny stone to get gold.
Nargor Quest and Meriana Island were fully implemented, all NPC's and missions are same as in RL.
In next update all boat NPC's that are associated with those quests will require finishing those quest to have access to Meriana(peg leg) and Nargor.
Pirate Addon - added all npc's and mechanics, process of getting outfit is same as in RL.
Changed prices of few shop items.
Yasir now sails with friend called Tommy, his friend buys all new items that were lacking from Yasir offer.
Deeper Banuta - nerfed abilities which paralyze players.
Killing in the name of:
Grizzly Adams gives experience values from task are multiplied by exp rate.
Caimans, Gargoyles and Mutated Tigers - reduced number of kills required.
Demon Task - after you finish task you will get Holy Icon, you don't need to finish task to enter Demon Oak Quest, you only need Holy Icon.
Raymond Striker - offers pirate task after finishing nargor quest.
Added access to fight random pirate boss after finishing pirate task.
Shardhead boss encounter works now.
Blue djin task is possible after joining green djin side and other side around.
Quest tracking:
Pits of Inferno - Added to questlog each throne you have walked through and shortcuts you have discovered.
Full Meriana, Demon Oak, and Nargor quest tracking
Bug fixed:
Wiki pages had incomplete/wrong data about PoI Bosses, fixed values to be more in order what players can handle.
Around 60 items didn't show count if you have looked on them from distance, its fixed now.
Goroma - after entering fall through hole, you can rope items.
Hellspawn - had wrong item id, now it drops demonic essence.
Added iron fists to Rashid.
Added vials to Rabaz.
New frontier Quest - squirrel spawn properly after using item on tree.
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