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Patch - 27.04.2024 - 1.1.2
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch - 27.04.2024 - 1.1.2
Exp rate from 1 to 199 is now x4.
Changed 80 NPC's that had non standard mechanics to take money from bank as well.
Added missing mooh'tah shell to Alaistar.
Changed frag time from 7 days to 5 days.
Added atlas to Angus - quest not required.
Bug fixes
Fixed tortoise egg - mechanic didn't work.
Fixed final ask for outfit - after finishing all missions required to acquire pirate outfit.
Fixed minor map bugs.
What's coming?:
Next update will have new 7 spawns on Oriath - monsters are not chosen yet, you can add your suggestions #suggestions discord channel.
14.05.24 21:52:11