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Patch 31.05.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 31.05.2022
Patch will be installed 31.05.2022
Server changes:
Now you can skip rookgard and create character on main land.
Added loot channel.
Added first items for new characters (created on mainland).
Changed raid/boss spawn rate - system will be reworked in next patch.
Added void boots - temporary boots with speed and regen(no client update required for now).
Increased maximum packets per IP.
Dragon lord task for demondras encounter is now 1200 dragon lords.
Added kerberos boss.
Site changes:
Fixed powergamers numbers, there was 3-5% diffrence between real value and value displayed, also fixed multiple entries per day - usually created 2 at 00:00 and 10:00 gmt+2 on reset. Now there will be only 1 entry per day - at 00:00.
Creatures in page section are now refreshed - includes changes and new monster added in previous updates.
Added possibility to create character on rookgard/main, with some security features that players cannot create vocation on rook and you cant create no vocation on main.
Void boots added to sms shop.
Bug fixes:
Banshee quest levers on third seal.
Repaired demondras teleport in POH.
Nah Bob is now buying shadow sceptre.
Fixed pick'hole in Fenrock entrance.
Fixed pick'hole in Folda - dark helmet quest.
31.05.22 05:08:52