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Patch 09.05.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 09.05.2022
Added stamina tile in training monks
Added possiblity to skip tutorial - write "skip" to santiago
Fixed problem with stacking boots of haste speed stacking
Fixed boat travel from thais->svargrond, svargrond ->camp and carpet travel edron->kazordoon
Fixed problem with green djin mission
Moved rashid 10 SQM's to the right in liberty bay spawn
Added/fixed task bosses: Bretzecutioner, Bruise Payne, Deathbine, Ethershreck, Fazzrah, Flameborn, Fleshcrawler, Gorgo, Hemming, Kerberos, Paiz The Pauperizer, Ribstride, Sulphur Scuttler, The Bloodweb, Tormentor, Zanakeph
09.05.22 00:36:36