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Patch 11.07.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 11.07.2022
Server Changes:
Added Rathleton and Roshamuul to the map.
Mechanics and some quest will be repaired and implemented over the next weeks.
All items that have missing icons for now will have "replacement" which allow players to play without debugs.
Changed Deepling boss teleports, there will be timer for each player till there will be added full quest.
Over the next week all monsters added will be adjusted to values from wiki - like resistances, damage, loot.
Making everything as close to real tibia as possible takes a lot of time, especially with this much content added. Each monster from looks, skills, loot or even behavior like walking through poison etc takes a lot of time.
Since there is Roshamuul added players can start collecting items required for umbral weapons.
Client Changes:
There will be new version of client in few days, there are some missing items from deeplings, that will be added and important fix for otclient - since last version had some problem with higher ram usage than usual.
12.07.22 14:15:58