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Patch 08.07.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 08.07.2022
Server Changes:
Added The Hive(gray beach) on the map - in 3 days there will be everything from 10.77.
Arrows and bolts will be added to server, at the moment paladin is most profitable class.
Adding more options like high damage arrows and bolts will make him too powerful. So price or availability will be adjusted.
There will be locations added - and only parts of quests from 10.77, quests will be implemented in the next updates.
A lot of stuff that were needed to be prepared for new mosnters/quests or even simple things like doors/window.
Added NPC's required for Hive, Oramond, Roshamuul.
Added monster spells
Added new monsters from newer tibia - Roshamuul, Oramond, Hive.
Training statues will be changed in next update too.

Looking for:
The server has a lot of things to work on and having to manage each player request or explaining each ticket requires time.
I think time spent on fixing bugs or implementing new things will be more productive than me handling each request.
That's why I'm looking for Community Manager which will be responsible for:
Handling player requests, rewarding for bug reports, helping players with their problems on help chat.
The community manager will be rewarded with special items and permanent VIP status (even after retiring)
If you are interested, contact shakra1252#1665 in discord or send us an email to
Bug fixed:
Crystal spider task boss problem
Ice elemental task boss problem

What are we working on:
New raid system - there will be possibility to track killed bosses on site, so you can predict their next spawn.
System will be more like real tibia with adjusted values for each boss.
Umbral weapons and Roshamuul
Oramond bosses - raids
Implementation and changes to quests and more.
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