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Patch 21.06.2022
by God Shakra
God Shakra

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Patch 21.06.2022
Server Changes:
After server restart, new client will be required to play without debugs.
New version of client has a lot of new items, tiles and monsters from 10.77.
Some of the items will be used in coming patches that will introduce roshamuul, oramond, hive and few more locations.
Umbral weapons, crystalline weapons all of that in classic 8.6 form coming soon.
New ammunition's for paladins and a lot more - full list can be found in discord - Discord
In addition new type of clients were added in download section:
Bug fixes:
Changed third mission in new frontier - now you dont have to write mission help yes, mission is enough now - Lazaran
Grizzly buying items properly now,
Second mission of WOTE fixed obisidian knife use on wooden bowl
Third mission The Keeper will spawn properly
21.06.22 06:34:43
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