Zulazza The Corruptor

noimgHealth: 28000
Experience: 19600
Speed like: 35 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: paralyze, invisible, energy
Voices: "I'm Zulazza, and you won't forget me that fazzt.", "Oh, HE will take revenge on zzizz azzault when you zztep in front of HIZZ fazze!"
Loot: 1-100 Gold coin(99.3%), 1-67 Viper star(16.2%), 1-30 Platinum coin(82.65%), 1-4 Gold ingot(66%), 1-4 Soul orb(38.5%), 1-2 Giant shimmering pearl(56%), Heavily rusted armor(100%), Blue gem(61%), Great health potion(61%), Violet gem(51%), Green gem(41%), Great mana potion(41%), Yellow gem(31%), Tower shield(31%), Emerald bangle(21%), Red gem(21%), Mastermind potion(21%), Ultimate health potion(21%), Mastermind shield(11%), Guardian shield(11%), Earthborn titan armor(11%), Paladin armor(11%), Dragon scale boots(11%)