noimgHealth: 90500
Experience: 20000
Speed like: 60 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: death, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "You will run out of resources soon enough!", "One little mistake and you're all are mine!", "I sense your strength fading!", "I know you will show a weakness!", "Your fear will make you prone to mistakes!"
Loot: 1-194 Gold coin(100%), 1-30 Platinum coin(42%), 1-30 Talon(36%), 1-10 Soul orb(42%), 1-10 Red piece of cloth(34%), 1-10 White piece of cloth(30%), 1-10 Blue piece of cloth(30%), 1-10 Green piece of cloth(28%), 1-10 Yellow piece of cloth(28%), 1-10 Brown piece of cloth(24%), 1-2 Demon horn(19.4%), Demonic essence(100%), Slightly rusted legs(100%), Slightly rusted armor(90%), Great mana potion(54%), Great spirit potion(52%), Great health potion(46%), Ultimate health potion(44%), Jewel case(42%), Gold ingot(42%), Silver brooch(34%), Boots of haste(17.4%), Amulet of loss(12%), Steel boots(9%), Golden boots(3%)