Worm Priestess

noimgHealth: 1100
Experience: 4500
Speed like: 1 level (Can use haste)
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: invisible
Voices: "An enemy of the worm shall become his food!", "The great worm will swallow you!", "From the earthy depths he comes and brings freedom!"
Loot: 1-150 Gold coin(100%), 1-3 Platinum coin(80%), 1-3 Strong mana potion(24%), 1-2 Minotaur horn(6%), 1-2 Small ruby(5%), 1-2 Small emerald(5%), 1-2 Small amethyst(5%), 1-2 Small topaz(5%), 1-2 Small sapphire(5%), 1-2 Small diamond(5%), Purple robe(30%), Snakebite rod(22%), Taurus mace(10%), Torch(10%), Minotaur leather(9.8%), Blue piece of cloth(3.2%), Underworld rod(3.08%), Red piece of cloth(2.9%), Green piece of cloth(2.88%), Yellow gem(1.08%), Red gem(0.98%), Minotaur trophy(0.28%)