noimgHealth: 3500
Experience: 8000
Speed like: 1 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: fire, energy, ice, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "Learn the secret of our magic! YOUR death!", "Even a rat is a better mage than you.", "We don't like intruders!"
Loot: 1-80 Gold coin(60%), 1-4 Cherry(38%), 1-4 Assassin star(7%), Bread(18%), Poison dagger(15.2%), Skull staff(12.66%), Great health potion(10.38%), Great mana potion(9.52%), Dark mushroom(6%), Energy ring(4.4%), Mind stone(4%), Candlestick(3%), Blue robe(2.78%), Small sapphire(2.38%), Talon(2.32%), Lightning robe(2.08%), Inkwell(2%), Crystal ring(1.34%), Luminous orb(1%), Ring of the sky(0.84%), Stone skin amulet(0.64%), Red tome(0.62%), Golden armor(0.48%), Piggy bank(0.12%)