Vampire Bride

noimgHealth: 1200
Experience: 2100
Speed like: 5 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: death, invisible
Voices: "Kneel before your Mistress!", "Dead is the new alive.", "Come, let me kiss you, darling. Oh wait, I meant kill.", "Enjoy the pain - I know you love it.", "Are you suffering nicely enough?", "You won't regret you came to me, sweetheart."
Loot: 1-149 Gold coin(100%), 1-2 Small diamond(2.04%), Strong mana potion(20.42%), Vampire teeth(20%), Platinum coin(19.82%), Moonlight rod(11%), Strong health potion(10%), Blood preservation(9.9%), Emerald bangle(2.2%), Hibiscus dress(2.06%), Rusted armor(2.02%), Velvet tapestry(1.94%), Boots of haste(0.44%), Flower bouquet(0.4%), Enigmatic voodoo skull(0.34%), Blood goblet(0.12%)