noimgHealth: 31500
Experience: 31500
Speed like: 65 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: death, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "You can't run or hide forever!", "I'm the executioner of the Seven!", "The final punishment awaits you!", "The judgement is guilty! The sentence is death!"
Loot: 1-190 Gold coin(100%), 1-30 Brown mushroom(100%), 1-26 Platinum coin(40%), 1-20 Hardened bone(64%), 1-10 Iron ore(78%), 1-2 Demon horn(18%), Demonic essence(100%), Great health potion(48%), Thaian sword(48%), Mind stone(46%), Royal helmet(44%), Ultimate health potion(44%), Great mana potion(42%), Skull helmet(42%), Great spirit potion(40%), Slightly rusted armor(40%), Warrior helmet(40%), Gold ingot(38%), Life crystal(34%), Orb(34%), Fire sword(30%), Huge chunk of crude iron(28.57%), Mysterious voodoo skull(25%), Scimitar(24%), Crimson sword(22%), Spike sword(19.2%), Dragon slayer(16.4%), Strange helmet(16.4%), Enchanted chicken wing(15%), Giant sword(15%), Runed sword(13.8%), Crown helmet(12.4%), Flask of warrior's sweat(11.1%), Spirit container(9.6%), Unholy book(4%)