noimgHealth: 4100
Experience: 9600
Speed like: 10 level (Can use haste)
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: invisible, death, earth, lifedrain
Voices: "Take a ride with me.", "Pffffrrrrrrrrrrrr.", "Close your eyes... I have something for you.", "I will make you scream.", "I will haunt you forever!"
Loot: 1-10 Platinum coin(100%), 1-2 Ham(100%), Concentrated demonic blood(100%), Death ring(100%), Demonic essence(100%), Essence of a bad dream(100%), Scythe leg(100%), Knight legs(100%), Mysterious voodoo skull(80%), Skeleton decoration(56%), War axe(28%), Nightmare blade(20%), Boots of haste(16%)