noimgHealth: 7200
Experience: 17700
Speed like: 25 level (Can use haste)
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: earth, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "Aktat Roshok! Marruk!", "I will eat you in your sleep.", "I am the darkness around you..."
Loot: 1-100 Gold coin(100%), 1-8 Platinum coin(100%), 1-3 Small amethyst(34%), 1-3 Small ruby(19.2%), 1-2 Great mana potion(72%), 1-2 Small topaz(34%), Ultimate health potion(52%), Bowl of terror sweat(36%), Cyan crystal fragment(34%), Small emerald(28%), Blue crystal splinter(26%), Trapped bad dream monster(26%), Blue crystal shard(12%), White piece of cloth(9.04%), Blue piece of cloth(6.86%), Warrior helmet(5.64%), Knight armor(4.56%), Fish fin(4.36%), (4.26%), Giant sword(3.12%), Blue robe(2.44%), Red piece of cloth(2.26%), Cluster of solace(1.6%)