noimgHealth: 200
Experience: 90
Speed like: 40 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: energy, fire, drunk, invisible
Voices: "We don't need a future!", "I'll rook you all!", "They thought they'd beaten us!", "You are history!", "There can only be one world!", "Valor who?", "Die noob!", "There are no dragons!", "I'll quit forever! Again ...", "You all are noobs!", "Beware of the cyclops!", "Just had a disconnect.", "Magic is only good for girls!", "We'll be back!"
Loot: 1-10 Gold coin(25%), Axe(24.5%), Sabre(20.5%), Studded helmet(19%), Studded armor(14%), Studded shield(2.4%), Surprise bag(1%), Surprise bag(1%)