Minotaur Invader

noimgHealth: 1850
Experience: 4800
Speed like: 15 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: invisible
Loot: 1-200 Gold coin(100%), 1-4 Platinum coin(98%), 1-2 Small topaz(20.88%), 1-2 Minotaur horn(16.66%), Minotaur leather(10.72%), Piece of warrior armor(10.08%), Small amethyst(10%), Small ruby(9.2%), Mooh'tah plate(1.9%), Blue piece of cloth(1.6%), Red gem(1.56%), Knight axe(1.4%), Guardian shield(1.32%), Red piece of cloth(1.28%), Warrior helmet(1.16%), Titan axe(0.46%), Minotaur trophy(0.38%), Blue gem(0.34%)