noimgHealth: 3500
Experience: 12000
Speed like: 240 level (Can use haste)
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: invisible
Voices: "I had Princess Lumelia as breakfast!", "Naaa-Nana-Naaa-Naaa!", "My brother will come and get you for this!", "Get them Fluffy!", "He He He!", "Pftt, Ferumbras such an upstart!", "My dragon is not that old, it's just second hand!", "My other dragon is a red one!", "When I am big I want to become the ruthless eighth!", "WHERE'S FLUFFY?", "Muahaha!"
Loot: 1-20 Gold coin(100%), 1-20 Gold coin(100%), 1-2 Small amethyst(2.856%), 1-2 Demonic essence(2%), Pitchfork(5.714%), Guardian shield(2.666%), Soul orb(1.818%), Soul orb(1.818%), Demonbone amulet(1.818%), Crown legs(1.6%), Fire axe(1.332%), Tempest shield(1%), Demon shield(0.4%), Golden legs(0.36%)