noimgHealth: 75000
Experience: 30000
Speed like: 80 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: invisible, paralyze
Voices: "I am going to play with yourself!", "Feel my wrath!", "No one matches my battle prowess!", "You will all die!"
Loot: 1-150 Gold coin(100%), 1-26 Platinum coin(38%), 1-2 Demon horn(14%), Slightly rusted legs(100%), Slightly rusted armor(80%), Bullseye potion(66%), Great health potion(60%), Great spirit potion(60%), Mastermind potion(56%), Berserk potion(46%), Great mana potion(42%), Death ring(38%), Hailstorm rod(38%), Lute(38%), Two handed sword(38%), Assassin dagger(32%), Axe ring(32%), Ultimate health potion(32%), Underworld rod(32%), Club ring(28%), Demonic essence(28%), Haunted blade(28%), Lyre(28%), Nightmare blade(28%), Springsprout rod(28%), War drum(28%), Wand of inferno(22%), Wand of voodoo(22%), Bloody edge(19%), Crystal sword(19%), Ring of healing(19%), Life ring(14%), Relic sword(14%), Time ring(14%), Wand of starstorm(14%), War horn(14%), Wooden flute(14%), Didgeridoo(9.4%), Dwarven ring(9.4%), Ice rapier(9.4%), Mercenary sword(9.4%), Sword ring(9.4%)