noimgHealth: 25850
Experience: 30000
Speed like: 70 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: lifedrain, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "I'll sacrifice yours souls to seven!", "I'm bad news for you mortals!", "No man can defeat me!", "Your puny skills are no match for me.", "I smell your fear.", "Delicious!"
Loot: 1-100 Gold coin(100%), 1-98 Gold coin(100%), 1-30 Platinum coin(40%), 1-25 Black pearl(28%), 1-25 White pearl(26%), 1-25 Small ruby(26%), 1-25 Small diamond(24%), 1-25 Small amethyst(22%), 1-25 Small emerald(22%), 1-25 Small sapphire(22%), 1-25 Small topaz(22%), 1-2 Ultimate health potion(84%), 1-2 Demon horn(19%), Demonic essence(100%), Slightly rusted legs(100%), Slightly rusted armor(64%), Spellbook of warding(60%), Beastslayer axe(59.9%), Great spirit potion(42%), Crown armor(36%), Great health potion(36%), Great mana potion(34%), Crystal necklace(28%), Noble axe(24%), Magma legs(22%), Spirit cloak(20%), Ruby necklace(20%), Crown legs(20%), Spellbook of mind control(20%), Golden amulet(20%), Stone skin amulet(20%), Steel boots(19%), Focus cape(19%), Knight legs(18%), Spellbook of lost souls(18%), Blue robe(16.34%), Golden armor(5.74%), Butcher's axe(4.64%), Vile axe(3.94%), Spellscroll of prophecies(2.72%), Executioner(1.22%), Demonbone amulet(1.18%), Demonwing axe(0.9%), Golden legs(0.9%), Voltage armor(0.9%), Spellbook of dark mysteries(0.6%), Great axe(0.2%)