Grynch Clan Goblin

noimgHealth: 80
Experience: 12
Speed like: 325 level (Can use haste)
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: fire, invisible
Voices: "T'was not me hand in your pocket!", "Look! Cool stuff in house. Let's get it!", "Uhh! Nobody home!", "Me just borrowed it!", "Me no steal! Me found it!", "Me had it for five minutes. It's family heirloom now!", "Nice human won't hurt little, good goblin?", "Gimmegimme!", "Invite me in you lovely house plx!", "Other Goblin stole it!", "All presents mine!", "Me got ugly ones purse", "Free itans plz!", "Not me! Not me!", "Guys, help me here! Guys? Guys???", "That only much dust in me pocket! Honest!", "Can me have your stuff?", "Halp, Big dumb one is after me!", "Uh, So many shiny things!", "Utani hur hur hur!", "Mee? Stealing? Never!!!", "Oh what fun it is to steal a one-horse open sleigh!", "Must have it! Must have it!", "Where me put me lockpick?", "Catch me if you can!"
Loot: 1-100 Peanut(7%), 1-22 Gold coin(45%), 1-5 Snowball(14%), 1-5 Cookie(14%), 1-5 Chicken feather(8%), 1-5 Walnut(7%), 1-4 Cherry(14%), 1-3 Orange(14%), 1-3 Lump of cake dough(14%), 1-3 Candy cane(10%), 1-3 Bat wing(8%), 1-3 Red apple(1.4%), 1-2 Egg(10%), 1-2 Gingerbreadman(8%), 1-2 Scarab coin(1%), 1-2 Orichalcum pearl(1%), Christmas present bag(14%), Lute(10%), Blank rune(10%), (8%), Scroll(8%), Magic light wand(8%), Bronze amulet(8%), Scarf(8%), Explorer brooch(8%), Honeycomb(8%), Broom(3%), Very noble-looking watch(3%), Valentine's cake(3%), Piggy bank(2%), Mirror(2%), (2%), Blue pillow(1.5%), Red pillow(1.5%), Green pillow(1.5%), Yellow pillow(1.5%), Flower bowl(1%), Flask of cough syrup(1%), Crystal coin(0.5%), Vampire shield(0.5%), Elvenhair rope(0.5%)