noimgHealth: 40000
Experience: 20000
Speed like: 65 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: death, invisible
Voices: "Latrivan, you fool!", "We are the right hand and the left hand of the seven!"
Loot: 1-273 Gold coin(100%), 1-13 Black pearl(40%), 1-13 White pearl(30%), 1-12 Small amethyst(30%), 1-10 Small emerald(40%), 1-10 Small sapphire(30%), Great health potion(100%), Double axe(60%), Ring of healing(50%), Death ring(50%), Magic light wand(30%), Silver amulet(30%), Ice rapier(30%), Energy ring(20%), Gold ring(20%), Giant sword(20%), Demon shield(20%), Demonic essence(20%), Gold ingot(20%), Skull staff(11.34%), Green gem(10%), Blue gem(10%), Might ring(10%), Stealth ring(10%), Snakebite rod(10%), Stone skin amulet(10%), Silver dagger(10%), Fire axe(10%), Devil helmet(10%), Boots of haste(3.8%), Mastermind shield(1.94%), Golden legs(0.94%)