Golden Servant

noimgHealth: 550
Experience: 1350
Speed like: 1 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: holy, invisible, paralyze
Voices: "Error. LOAD 'PROGRAM", "8,1", "Remain. Obedient."
Loot: 1-100 Gold coin(80%), 1-40 Gold coin(90%), Mana potion(9.9%), Health potion(9.86%), Halberd(6.006%), Green mushroom(2.9%), Gear wheel(1.88%), Spellbook of enlightenment(1.04%), Stealth ring(0.9%), Slime mould(0.68%), Golden can of oil(0.08%), Gold ring(0.02%), Golden armor(0.02%)