noimgHealth: 50000
Experience: 36000
Speed like: 50 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: earth, energy, lifedrain, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "NOONE WILL STOP ME THIS TIME!", "THE POWER IS MINE!", "I returned from death and you dream about defeating me?", "Witness the first seconds of my eternal world domination!", "Even in my weakened state I will crush you all!"
Loot: 1-184 Gold coin(100%), 1-100 Small emerald(32%), 1-98 Small sapphire(24%), 1-88 White pearl(24%), 1-87 Small topaz(20%), 1-58 Platinum coin(16%), 1-54 Small amethyst(20%), 1-9 Soul orb(16%), 1-5 Giant shimmering pearl(28%), 1-5 Giant shimmering pearl(28%), 1-2 Gold ingot(100%), Ferumbras' hat(100%), Great shield(52%), Spellbook of lost souls(52%), Golden armor(48%), Golden legs(44%), Spellbook of mind control(44%), Velvet mantle(44%), Demon shield(40%), Divine plate(40%), Magma legs(40%), Tempest shield(40%), Emerald bangle(36%), Glacier kilt(36%), Lightning legs(36%), Phoenix shield(36%), Spellbook of dark mysteries(36%), Terra legs(36%), Emerald sword(32%), Havoc blade(32%), Shadow sceptre(32%), Magic plate armor(28%), Mastermind shield(28%), Runed sword(28%), Spellscroll of prophecies(28%), Chaos mace(24%), Demonwing axe(24%), Greenwood coat(24%), Haunted blade(20%), Hellforged axe(20%), Obsidian truncheon(20%), Ornamented axe(20%), Queen's sceptre(20%), Demonrage sword(16%), Jade hammer(16%), Skullcrusher(16%)