Elf Arcanist

noimgHealth: 220
Experience: 525
Speed like: 1 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: invisible
Voices: "Feel my wrath!", "For the Daughter of the Stars!", "I'll bring balance upon you!", "Tha'shi Cenath!", "Vihil Ealuel!"
Loot: 1-47 Gold coin(74%), 1-3 Arrow(12%), Scroll(62%), Melon(44%), Blank rune(36%), Bread(28%), Elvish talisman(20%), Elven astral observer(15.42%), Green tunic(14%), Sling herb(10%), Health potion(8%), Strong mana potion(6%), Candlestick(4.2%), Holy orchid(4.2%), Elven amulet(3.998%), Wand of cosmic energy(2.32%), Inkwell(2%), Life crystal(1.94%), Sandals(1.9%), Grave flower(1.76%), Yellow gem(0.1%)