noimgHealth: 1000
Experience: 1800
Speed like: 1 level
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: death, fire, earth, drown, lifedrain, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "Dance for me your dance of death!", "Let the music play!", "I will mourn your death!", "Are you ready to rock?", "Feel my gentle kiss of death.", "That's what I call easy listening!", "IIIIEEEeeeeeehhhHHHH!"
Loot: 1-80 Gold coin(60%), Candlestick(100%), Silver amulet(17.4%), Simple dress(12.1%), Hair of a banshee(9.62%), Petrified scream(8.3%), Black pearl(4.06%), Poison dagger(2.7%), Silver brooch(2.5%), White pearl(2.02%), Lyre(1.82%), Stone skin amulet(1.64%), Ring of healing(1.46%), Blue robe(1.4%), Strong mana potion(1.36%), Spellbook(1.04%), Wedding ring(0.92%), Terra mantle(0.68%), Red robe(0.3%), Life crystal(0.14%), Crystal ring(0.12%)