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Jul 18 2022 -
Patch 18.07.2022
Sites Changes:
All monsters on site got updated loot and stats - imported from files, you can check all loot from old and new monsters
Added images from newer tibia to market on site.
Monster Changes:
Fixed 2 monster corpses - were unmovable.

Jul 17 2022 -
Patch 17.07.2022
Server Changes:
Added missing NPC's from rathleton and roshamuul cities.
Monster Changes:
Loot, damage, spells, resistances and experience were changed to be same as real tibia. List of monsters repaired:
Blood beast
Glooth Anemone
Glooth Bloob
Glooth Golem
Hideous Fungus
Humongous Fungus
Humorless Fungus
Metal Gargoyle
Rot Elemental
Rustheap Golem
Client Update:
New client is now in download section

Jul 15 2022 -
Patch 15.07.2022
Server Changes:
Added world event that randomly spawn Mawhawk - like in real Tibia.
Changed auction system - improving working of market system and now every action sell/add/withdraw is tracked.
Added arena system for keys - dropped for unrealized dreams.
New ammunition is now accesible in hive (for now), later will be added in all shops.
Prices of new arrows and bolts are x3.
Diamond arrows and spectral bolts will be added in the future, but they will require quest to buy.

Monster Changes:
Loot, damage, spells, resistances and experience were changed to be same as real tibia.
Over 80 monsters from newer version of tibia were adjusted (source wikipedia) those include races:
Roshamuul bosses from prison keys

Client Changes:
New client will be uploaded later today, with repaired item icons.

Map Changes:
Rathleton entrance is changed - its same as real tibia now.

Jul 12 2022 -
Patch 11.07.2022
Server Changes:
Added Rathleton and Roshamuul to the map.
Mechanics and some quest will be repaired and implemented over the next weeks.
All items that have missing icons for now will have "replacement" which allow players to play without debugs.
Changed Deepling boss teleports, there will be timer for each player till there will be added full quest.
Over the next week all monsters added will be adjusted to values from wiki - like resistances, damage, loot.
Making everything as close to real tibia as possible takes a lot of time, especially with this much content added. Each monster from looks, skills, loot or even behavior like walking through poison etc takes a lot of time.
Since there is Roshamuul added players can start collecting items required for umbral weapons.
Client Changes:
There will be new version of client in few days, there are some missing items from deeplings, that will be added and important fix for otclient - since last version had some problem with higher ram usage than usual.

Jul 08 2022 -
Patch 08.07.2022
Server Changes:
Added The Hive(gray beach) on the map - in 3 days there will be everything from 10.77.
Arrows and bolts will be added to server, at the moment paladin is most profitable class.
Adding more options like high damage arrows and bolts will make him too powerful. So price or availability will be adjusted.
There will be locations added - and only parts of quests from 10.77, quests will be implemented in the next updates.
A lot of stuff that were needed to be prepared for new mosnters/quests or even simple things like doors/window.
Added NPC's required for Hive, Oramond, Roshamuul.
Added monster spells
Added new monsters from newer tibia - Roshamuul, Oramond, Hive.
Training statues will be changed in next update too.

Looking for:
The server has a lot of things to work on and having to manage each player request or explaining each ticket requires time.
I think time spent on fixing bugs or implementing new things will be more productive than me handling each request.
That's why I'm looking for Community Manager which will be responsible for:
Handling player requests, rewarding for bug reports, helping players with their problems on help chat.
The community manager will be rewarded with special items and permanent VIP status (even after retiring)
If you are interested, contact shakra1252#1665 in discord or send us an email to
Bug fixed:
Crystal spider task boss problem
Ice elemental task boss problem

What are we working on:
New raid system - there will be possibility to track killed bosses on site, so you can predict their next spawn.
System will be more like real tibia with adjusted values for each boss.
Umbral weapons and Roshamuul
Oramond bosses - raids
Implementation and changes to quests and more.

Jun 21 2022 -
Patch 21.06.2022
Server Changes:
After server restart, new client will be required to play without debugs.
New version of client has a lot of new items, tiles and monsters from 10.77.
Some of the items will be used in coming patches that will introduce roshamuul, oramond, hive and few more locations.
Umbral weapons, crystalline weapons all of that in classic 8.6 form coming soon.
New ammunition's for paladins and a lot more - full list can be found in discord - Discord
In addition new type of clients were added in download section:
Bug fixes:
Changed third mission in new frontier - now you dont have to write mission help yes, mission is enough now - Lazaran
Grizzly buying items properly now,
Second mission of WOTE fixed obisidian knife use on wooden bowl
Third mission The Keeper will spawn properly