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Jan 19 2023 -
Patch 20.01.2023
Added option to sell enchanted items to djins (elemental charged items)
Added lasting exercise wands to all shops
Added items to black bert NPC- only available if you did quest
Added zaogun flag to Tommy
Added energy bless potion - gives 5 blessings after use.
Improved starting items for each class.
Stamina changes:
Lowered time to regain 1 premium stamina for non vip players from 450 seconds to 420 seconds.
Regaining stamina in training monks is now same as being offline.
More info will be available in server information soon.
Changed exp system and skill/magic rate:
Skill ratio increased to 4 and magic rate to 3.
Exp stage introduction to allow new players level faster.
From 1 to 49 x8
From 50 to 99 x5
From 100 to 199 x4
From 200 to 349 x3
From 350 to infinite x2
Changed vip system:
All bonuses from 15% more exp, skill rate and magic rate to 20% more.
More info how all exp bonuses work will be available on site in next days.
In future vip will be able to put x2 more items in normal(25/50 for vip) and premium auction house(5/10 for vip).

Implemented Item Auctions with use of premium points:
Players can auction items with use of premium points
Max 5 items per player listed for characters
Cannot buy items from your own account

Changes on site:
Introduced item market for premium points.
Changed descriptions of auction house and capitalized each item name.
In future will introduce short video how to use market.
Added energy bless potion to sms shop.

Map fixes:
Goroma lava pools had wrong textures in some places.
Missing floor in Zao
Fixed missing/wrong tiles all over world.

Bug fixes:
Wrath of the emperor quest made with new scripts, all bugs were eliminated(8).
All over the world quest fixed and checked
Kevin NPC - fixed keywords
Barbarian Quest - wrong order of giving addons by Ajax and Bron
Children of revolution 2 mission, player could activate part of quest when he didn't start second mission.
Children of revolution 4 mission lever didn’t change to left to right
Thieves guild missing script on door and chest.
Oramond to take roots fixed
Added missing item names in Hive.
Added missing item names in Zao.
Azerus had x4 lower hp than he should have.

Dec 31 2022 -
Patch 31.12.2022
Weekend boost for new year:
Exp rate will be increased from x2 to x3
Skill and magic rate from x2 to x4
Added blessing potions - all blessings contained in 1 item.
Reworked command section on site, added missing commands.

Introducing monthly draw - starting from January 2023, there will be system which allow players to gain exotic items by playing.
Items posted don't represent any real money value - items are in game and cannot be transferred outside game.
Tickets will be summed up if there is same IP on all characters,you can't win more than once in month.
Draw will be public in first Saturday of the month(Next one is 04.02.2023) on discord server.
There is no way to buy tickets, you can only get them by playing.
1 Ticket per day, there are 2 ways to enter for ticket.
First - require you to play for 2 hours and gain at least 500k exp
Second - require you to play at least 8h - no exp required.
Tickets will be visible here

Bug fixes
Capacity when you don't have enough weight to take quest item, should display correctly now.
Banshee Quest Seal fixed.
Fixed unnatural selection in Ab'Dendriel
Removed inproper textures near Darashia
Added missing tome of knowledge chest - Uneasy Alliance
Glooth weapons now remove stacks properly.
Auction house had problem with some auctions not registering proper amount when bought bigger stacks of items.
Problem is fixed, still working on refunding all players.
Barrels have proper description.
Draptor and Captain Guillver are no longer without "outfit".
Shardhead boss teleport fixed
Melian carpet - fixed kazordoon position when using his magic carpet.

Dec 11 2022 -
Christmas Event
Christmas event started 12.12
Exp rate will be increased from x2 to x3
Skill and magic rate from x2 to x4

Christmas goblins - World Change
Spawns 2 Christmas goblins (they drop vip medals, premium points and rare items) at random time after restart.
Locations of spawn will be changed everyday - 1 always spawn in old continent(thais,venore etc) and other one will spawn in Islands(could be any of them).

Christmas Lottery
Each player that will play for at least 2h or get 1 million exp in 1 day, will get 1 ticket to enter lottery.
Lottery will be rolled 24.12, you can get maximum 12 tickets, if you played each day.
There will be at least 3 rolls - rewards will be rewarded in final day(24.12).
Lottery tickets - Tickets update every server save.
There will be daily raids at evening hours, everyday.
Have fun!
Main Winners of lottery 24.12.2022
Pizda Na Hita
Sezh Legend
Winners of lottery 25.12.2022
New Vibe
Zeno Druid
Winners of lottery 26.12.2022

Nov 19 2022 -
Patch 19.11.2022
Patch will be deployed 19.11.2022
Server changes:
Demon Oak - reworked whole quest to make it same as in real tibia.
Shiny stone - now you can use pick on shiny stone to get gold.
Nargor Quest and Meriana Island were fully implemented, all NPC's and missions are same as in RL.
In next update all boat NPC's that are associated with those quests will require finishing those quest to have access to Meriana(peg leg) and Nargor.
Pirate Addon - added all npc's and mechanics, process of getting outfit is same as in RL.
Changed prices of few shop items.
Yasir now sails with friend called Tommy, his friend buys all new items that were lacking from Yasir offer.
Deeper Banuta - nerfed abilities which paralyze players.
Killing in the name of:
Grizzly Adams gives experience values from task are multiplied by exp rate.
Caimans, Gargoyles and Mutated Tigers - reduced number of kills required.
Demon Task - after you finish task you will get Holy Icon, you don't need to finish task to enter Demon Oak Quest, you only need Holy Icon.
Raymond Striker - offers pirate task after finishing nargor quest.
Added access to fight random pirate boss after finishing pirate task.
Shardhead boss encounter works now.
Blue djin task is possible after joining green djin side and other side around.
Quest tracking:
Pits of Inferno - Added to questlog each throne you have walked through and shortcuts you have discovered.
Full Meriana, Demon Oak, and Nargor quest tracking
Bug fixed:
Wiki pages had incomplete/wrong data about PoI Bosses, fixed values to be more in order what players can handle.
Around 60 items didn't show count if you have looked on them from distance, its fixed now.
Goroma - after entering fall through hole, you can rope items.
Hellspawn - had wrong item id, now it drops demonic essence.
Added iron fists to Rashid.
Added vials to Rabaz.
New frontier Quest - squirrel spawn properly after using item on tree.

Nov 12 2022 -
Patch 14.11.2022
Patch will be deployed 14.11.2022
Server changes:
Increased each class regeneration from 6 to 9 mana.
Added !vials command - after using it you will no longer produce vials after using potion. You can change it back by writing !vials again.
Changed points prices in shop, all options have more bonus points compared to previous values.
Underwater arena bosses - created mechanic where players can kill every deepling boss (Obujos, Jaul and Tanjis) once a week.
Each encounter is solo, if you die/leave without killing boss you will have to wait 7 days to try killing it. Players cant enter arena if there is player already in arena, boss will reset HP on starting encounter.
Reworked roshamuul key arena, you cant enter arena when there is already player there, key consumed on using on altar, boss reset HP on player using key(entering arena).
Each boss in list have been changed to reflect values from wiki, those values include hp, skills, resistances and loot:
Deepling bosses: Jaul, Obujos, Tanjis
Roshamuul key arenas: Horadron, Zavarash, Terofar, Prince Drazzak
Bug fixed:
Boost rune xp - sometimes bug occurred, when used rune count didn’t reset at midnight. So players after using could have consumed more runes than they should.
Some houses in Venore had bugged door, they are fixed now.
Dream and bone master now will trade with you, only if you have required rank.

Nov 08 2022 -
Server information
Real OTS 8.6 RPG OTS with some elements of newer tibia, map is mostly from Tibia 10.77. We have added monsters and items from newer versions, so you need our 8.6 version or OTClient.
There are a lot of features introduced to make game easier to play and more challenging in some scenarios. Ammunition, weapons and armors were added from newer versions - way of acquiring those is same as real tibia.
No spells were added from new tibia and there is standard 8.6 cooldown system without group cooldowns.
Site have few features that make trading items or characters easier. It also contains description of each monster that is in game, you can see drop rates and some other basic information. Monster data is imported straight from server files, so you see same values as in files.
Almost every monster were adjusted to values from wiki( - so if you see some mistakes with values or you think something doesn’t look good you can always report to admins on discord.
Premium is free, there is VIP system which gives 15% bonus exp, skill and magic level rate and bonus hour of stamina.
Stamina grants 50% more exp, total stamina raised to 43 h for non-VIP and 44 h for VIP players.
Task system like in RL tibia with points and boss-reward system.
A lot of quests are 1:1 as in real tibia, you can use sites like or YouTube to do quest just like in RL.
Exercise weapons which allows players to buy them for gold or in site store, they allow player to skill faster.
World Change events - there are events that randomly change the map like spawning opening some part of maps or spawning monsters (like Mawhawk).
Online training in each temple there is teleport and offline training is available in each city training school.
Global depot and much more that helps players play more efficiently and have fun while enjoying feeling of old 8.6 Tibia with some twists.
Exp rate 2x
Global bank system Yes
Global depot Yes
Loot rate 2x
Magic rate 2x
Max multi-client 6 clients per IP
Skill rate 2x