noimgHealth: 3700
Experience: 5000
Speed like: 25 level (Can use haste)
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: energy, paralyze, invisible
Voices: "COME HERE AND DIE!", "Destructiooooon!", "It's a good day to destroy!"
Loot: 1-100 Gold coin(100%), 1-100 Gold coin(80%), 1-100 Gold coin(80%), 1-41 Gold coin(100%), 1-12 Burst arrow(25%), 1-6 Meat(100%), 1-3 Platinum coin(8.332%), 1-2 Small amethyst(15.384%), Demonic essence(40%), Crowbar(28.57%), Dark armor(20%), Metal spike(14.284%), Soul orb(13.332%), Pick(12.5%), Plate armor(8.694%), Giant sword(3.388%), Great health potion(2.272%), Steel boots(1.984%), Chaos mace(1.738%), Dreaded cleaver(1.666%), Crystal necklace(1.156%), Mind stone(1.128%), Death ring(0.288%), Skull helmet(0.216%)